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We have several laboratories, such as high-voltage insulation fault diagnosis laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, distribution network grounding fault simulation laboratory, etc. We are also the "Transmission Line Intelligent Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Technology Center" in Hubei Province, which has overcome a number of technical problems and cultivate the "fault diagnostic technology" into an industry with broad market prospects.


Upholding the spirit of "concentration, professionalism, innovation and entrepreneurship", We continue to develop and innovate, insisting on driving the development of the enterprise by technological innovation, and conducting research and development on lightning monitoring and protection technologies for power grid transmission lines, maintenance and online monitoring technologies for power grid transmission and transformation equipment, and fault diagnosis and early warning technologies for power grid and rail transit. Extensive industry-university-research cooperation has been carried out with well-known universities and research institutions such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University.

We have obtained more than 40 patents, more than 40 software copyrights and many registered trademarks; participated in setting up one national standard and one enterprise standard of State Grid; undertaken more than 50 large-scale scientific and technological projects in State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, railroads, wind power, petrochemicals and other industries, and has won more than 40 national and provincial honors in total. We have won many honors including the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the First Prize of China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress, and the First Prize of China Southern Power Grid Corporation Science and Technology Progress.



In 2016, we led a collaboration with Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Company and other entities to jointly develop and release the SGCC standard of "Distributed Fault Diagnosis Device for Transmission Lines" ; In 2017, we led a collaboration with the Guangdong Electric Power Research Institute to develop and publish national standard of the "Distributed Fault Diagnosis System for Transmission Lines" . With an annual R&D investment exceeding 10% of sales revenue, the company exemplifies a high-tech enterprise with technological innovation at its core competitiveness.


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