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Ultra high voltage AC lines

The 1000kV Jindongnan Nanyang Jingmen ultra-high voltage transmission line is China's first experimental demonstration project. It was completed and put into commercial use on January 6, 2009, with a total length of 640 kilometers. It is the world's highest voltage level, largest transmission capacity, and most advanced ultra-high voltage AC transmission and transformation project, known as China's "power expressway". This line is an important channel for north-south mutual supply and water and fire regulation, which is of great significance for environmental protection. Firstly, the coal from the north does not need to be transported south, and on-site power generation is achieved through electricity transmission; Secondly, one ultra-high voltage line has to withstand five 500kV lines, greatly saving land resources.

In September 2018, our company's distributed fault diagnosis system for transmission lines was applied to the 1000kV Nanjing I line. The system can quickly determine the fault zone, clarify operation and maintenance responsibilities, accurately locate the fault point, assist in guiding rapid emergency repairs, effectively shorten the power outage time due to line faults, reduce the loss of transmission capacity caused by power outages, and provide reliable guarantees for the rapid recovery of power supply after line faults.





The Inner Mongolia Shandong 1000kV ultra-high voltage AC transmission line starts from Xilingol League in Inner Mongolia, passes through four provinces and cities of Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Hebei, Tianjin, and Shandong, and ends in Jinan, Shandong. The entire line adopts the same tower double circuit installation, with a total length of more than 730 kilometers for the two circuits. It is a cross provincial transmission line. The Xilang Line project has been put into operation, delivering 2 million kilowatts of clean electricity from Shandong to Inner Mongolia, and increasing Shandong's capacity to accept external electricity from the province to 10 million kilowatts. At the same time, the production of the project has greatly alleviated the tense situation of summer power supply in Shandong Province, providing reliable guarantees for the stable operation of the power grid during summer.

In June 2016, our company's distributed fault diagnosis system for transmission lines was applied to 1000kV Xilang Line I and II. The system can quickly and accurately locate the fault point and analyze the cause of the fault, effectively improving the operation and maintenance level of transmission lines.





Partial application lines:

Ø 1000kV Nanjing I Line

Ø  1000kV Hequan I Line

Ø 1000kV Tin Gallery I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Huaixu I and II lines

Ø  1000kV Xutai I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Antang I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Wutang I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Ehong I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Yigao I and II lines

Ø 1000kV Du Rong I and II lines



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