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Important channel routes

The 500kV Chalong I and Chalong II lines are part of the transmission lines in the Tibet China power grid project. The power grid interconnection project between Xizang and China is an ultra-high voltage power grid project with the highest average altitude and the most complicated construction conditions in the world. The project consists of the power grid interconnection project between Tibet and Changdu, Xizang, and the power supply project for the Lhasa Nyingchi section of the Sichuan Tibet Railway. It starts in Mangkang County, Changdu City, Tibet, ends in Sangri County, Shannan City, and spans three cities, ten districts and counties in Xizang. After being put into operation, it can provide reliable power supply for 3070 small towns (central villages) along the line and 1.56 million people's lives. Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Naqu, Linzhi and other areas covered by the Xizang China power grid are the main load centers of the Tibet power grid. The operation of the Tibet Central Power Grid Project can effectively solve the power shortage problem in Tibet during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Motuo County, Bomi County, and Chayu County, which account for about 70% of the area of Linzhi City, will be included in the coverage of the main power grid, and the situation of isolated network operation and unstable voltage in these areas will be greatly improved.

In August 2020, our company's distributed fault diagnosis system for transmission lines was applied to the 500kV Chalon I and Chalon II double circuit lines. The system can quickly determine the fault interval, clarify operation and maintenance responsibilities, accurately locate the fault point, assist in guiding rapid emergency repairs, effectively shorten the time of power outage due to line faults, reduce the loss of transmission capacity caused by power outages, and provide reliable guarantees for the rapid recovery of power supply after line faults.




The Panlong Line project belongs to the 500kV Chongqing Hubei inter provincial power transmission and transformation project. It is a connecting line of the Sichuan Hubei power grid and an important channel for the West East power transmission, ensuring normal electricity consumption during the summer peak in central China.

Due to the complex environment, high tower height, and significant climate change of the 500kV Panlong Line project, the possibility of fault tripping of the line is greatly increased. Our company's distributed fault diagnosis system for transmission lines was installed and applied in November 2015. This system can achieve fault interval positioning, precise fault location, fault cause identification, and lightning characteristic monitoring, greatly improving the efficiency of line inspection and providing extremely high guarantees for the rapid restoration of power supply to the lines.

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Partial application lines:

Ø 750kV Maibao I and II lines

Ø  750kV Liangqian I and II lines

Ø  750kV Guowu I and II lines

Ø  500kV Chalon I and II lines

Ø 500kV Lincha I and II lines

Ø  500kV Panlong I and II lines

Ø 220kV Hoba I line

Ø  220kV Zhonghuo II line

Ø ± 660kV Yindong Line

Ø  ± 500kV Yongfu DC Line

Ø ± 500kV Imu Line

Ø  ± 500kV Ge Nan Line

Ø ± 500kV Longzheng Line

Ø ± 400kV diesel cable



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