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Sunshine power successfully passed the on-site qualification and capability audit of State Grid suppliers

On June 14th, a group of experts from State Grid Corporation of China visited Wuhan Sunshine Power Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site qualification and capability audits of suppliers of State Grid Corporation's transmission line online monitoring devices.

The expert group strictly followed the requirements of the audit work and conducted a careful and meticulous on-site audit of our company's basic information, research and development design capabilities, production and manufacturing capabilities, testing and testing capabilities, raw material group component management, green development, after-sales service, and production environment. In all the audit work, our company has met the standard requirements for qualification and capability audit. The expert group has given full recognition to the qualifications, capabilities, environment, management, and other aspects of three-phase power, and the audit work has been successfully completed.

Our company's leadership appreciates the professional and practical guidance provided by the expert group, and expresses that we will always uphold a high degree of professionalism and responsibility, and contribute our efforts to the construction of the smart grid.


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