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Transmission Line Fault Diagnosis Solution - A Leader in Distributed Fault Diagnosis Technology

Transmission lines are distributed in the wild and are highly susceptible to various natural factors such as lightning, pollution, flora and fauna, wind disturbance, and icing, leading to tripping accidents. Therefore, timely and accurate identification of the fault point and repair of the line is an important task for line operation and maintenance.




This product adopts distributed traveling wave measurement technology, with monitoring terminals installed on transmission line conductors in a distributed manner. High potential collection of power frequency fault signals and traveling wave fault signals near the fault time point of the line can be achieved through comprehensive analysis by the data center. Fault interval positioning, precise fault positioning, fault cause identification, and lightning characteristic monitoring can be achieved. The diagnostic results are displayed in both web and SMS formats.




l Main technical indicators

Fault interval positioning accuracy: ≥ 99%

Fault precise positioning error: ± 1 base tower

Fault cause identification accuracy: ≥ 95%

Power supply method: coupled power supply+solar power supply

l Applicable scope

Suitable for AC/DC transmission lines with voltage levels of 35kV and above, two sets of devices can monitor 30km of lines. Widely used in "three span" transmission lines (crossing high-speed railways, highways, and important channels), localized management lines, DC transmission lines, T-junction lines, and hybrid transmission lines.

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