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Solution for monitoring and early warning of hidden dangers in transmission lines

 During the operation of transmission lines, in addition to being prone to sudden faults such as lightning strikes, floating objects, and wind deviations, there are also a large number of potential preventable defects, such as insulator degradation, metal tool breakage and detachment, pollution, vegetation, icing, etc. If these hidden dangers cannot be dealt with in a timely manner, they will cause serious safety risks to the stable operation of the power grid. Prevention before faults and rapid recovery after faults are important means to improve the reliability of line operation.




Monitoring devices are installed on the wires of transmission lines to monitor the operation of the lines. Real time hidden danger signals are collected and uploaded to the data center. After comprehensive analysis by the data center, automatic monitoring and early warning of hidden dangers and rapid and accurate diagnosis of faults can be achieved. Alarm information can be sent out through both web and SMS methods.




l Main technical indicators

Defect point positioning error: ± 1 base tower

Accuracy of line hazard warning: ≥ 90%

Power supply method: coupled power supply+solar power supply

lApplicable scope

Suitable for AC/DC transmission lines of various voltage levels of 35kV and above, with a focus on high-risk areas and encrypted installation.


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