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High voltage cable fault diagnosis solution

The annual growth rate of cable lines exceeds 10%. Due to factors such as aging of cable insulation, moisture exposure, and mechanical damage, cable line faults occur frequently. Due to the complexity of cable laying and high maintenance intensity, faults and power outages last for a long time and have a significant social impact. Therefore, how to accurately and quickly determine the fault location is of great significance for improving repair speed and power supply reliability.




      This scheme adopts the principle of traveling wave dual end positioning. The monitoring terminals are installed outside the cable body and protective layer at both ends to monitor the hidden discharge, fault discharge traveling wave current, and fault frequency current of the cable core in real time. At the same time, the waveform data is uploaded to the data center station in wired/wireless form. After analysis and diagnosis, the precise positioning of the fault point, the interval positioning of the fault point, and the warning and positioning of hidden discharge are achieved. It guides the operation and maintenance personnel to patrol and repair the line, details the operation and maintenance management responsibility units, and improves the active warning ability of the line. Unlike traditional offline monitoring, this solution has the advantages of real-time online monitoring, convenient fault handling, and high positioning accuracy.




l Main technical indicators

Fault interval positioning accuracy: ≥ 95%

Fault precise positioning error: 0.2% * L (monitoring cable length)+5m

Power supply method: induction energy+solar energy/AC220V

l Applicable scope

Suitable for 35kV and above cable lines (also applicable to 500kV high-voltage cables). Widely used in T-junction lines, mixed frame lines, important site lines, power protection lines, etc.


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